Hill & Smith Zoneguard Barrier

Hill & Smith Holdings PLC, is an innovative world leader serving the infrastructure, galvanizing, building and construction industries. Hill & Smith’s signature product, Zoneguard Steel Barrier is MASH tested and has been approved by state DOT’s throughout the country. It has been used on over one hundred highway and bridge projects.
Beth’s Barricades is the exclusive distributor for Zoneguard Barrier in Maryland, DC, and Pennsylvania.

Lindsay Transportation Solutions Road Safety Products

Lindsay Transportation Solutions® is recognized as a global leader for the supply of crash cushions, end terminals, TMAs and portable barriers. Lindsay Transportation Solutions consistently develops innovative, cost effective solutions for road hazards.
Beth’s Barricades is the exclusive distributor for Lindsay Transportation Solutions in Pennsylvania.

Horizon Signal Technologies

Horizon Signal NEMA 5 Portable Traffic Signal Systems have a long and proven history of providing dependable service in a wide range of applications. Horizon Signal’s Research and Development team utilizes the latest technologies, and creates new technologies to meet the needs of the ever-evolving traffic control industry. Beth’s Barricades is the exclusive distributor for Horizon Signal Portable Traffic Signals in Pennsylvania.


More than 8,000 VMS and 10,000 Arrow boards from Ver-Mac are at work on roads throughout the world. Ver-Mac is also develops fully integrated portable Traffic Management System for Work Zones.
Beth’s Barricades is the exclusive distributor for Ver-Mac Systems in Delaware, Maryland and Pennsylvania.

PSS Innovations

PSS Innovations engineers and builds road safety and traffic control devices used in work zones around the world including ROADQUAKE temporary rumble strips, a full line of ADA work zone devices, and NCHRP 350 TL-3 compliant sand barrel arrays.

Pi-LIT traffic guidance systems

pi-Lit® Sequential Lamps are designed and engineered to make roadside work zones safer. Drivers are actively guided around hazards and through transitions by the sequentially flashing lamps. Beth’s Barricades is the exclusive distributor for Pi-Lit Systems in DC, Maryland and Pennsylvania.

Qwick Kurb

QWICK KURB® is the standard for all longitudinal curb channelizer systems. No curb system is designed or manufactured to withstand the demands of roadways like Qwick Kurb. Interlocking curbs with robust delineators are the hallmark of this system. Beth’s Barricades is the exclusive distributor of Qwick Kurb for Pennsylvania, Maryland, and DC.


Carsonite markers and delineators are durable and economical. Carsonite Sound Wall is unique and easy to install. Beth’s is the exclusive distributor for Carsonite in Pennsylvania, Maryland, and DC.


Versilis has developed solutions to maximize work zone safety for motorists and workers while minimizing impact on traffic flow. The remotely controlled SwiftGate and SwiftSign lane closure system is a SAFE, FAST and EASY way to conduct repetitive lane closures and openings from a distance.

Advanced Traffic Markings

All ATM tapes and adhesives are manufactured in the USA at the plant in Roanoke Rapids, North Carolina. This allows complete control of the manufacturing process from start-to finish. ATM is the only U.S. company to produce all marking tapes and adhesives in-house, allowing production of superior products at competitive prices.