Traffic Responsive Systems

Traffic-responsive systems continuously monitor real-time traffic conditions and automatically respond with appropriate and dynamic messaging, such as driving instructions and traffic condition information. These systems are designed to manage work zone traffic control and to meet temporary traveler information needs. They include:

  • Travel Time Information systems are continuously updated to provide current travel time between the driver’s location and a specific destination downstream.
  • Delay Time Information systems provide drivers with the current length of delay time to a particular downstream location.
  • Route Management Information systems may be provided to various audiences based on their informational needs.
  • Stopped Traffic Warnings automatically alert drivers to an upcoming traffic slow-down or stopped traffic and provide time to stop safely.
  • Dynamic Speed Displays automatically indicate the current speed and the posted speed limit to each passing driver.
  • Dynamic Lane Merge systems alert drivers to upcoming traffic slowdowns or stopped traffic when two lanes of traffic merge to one lane.
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