Vehicle Responsive Systems

Vehicle-responsive systems continuously evaluate individual vehicle characteristics and automatically produce warnings directed to those vehicles. Vehicle-responsive systems include:

  • Dynamic Speed Displays automatically indicate the current speed and the posted speed limit to each passing driver. This application may be especially valuable when workers are adjacent to the open lane of traffic or when roadway conditions are especially hazardous part of the work zone.
  • Work Space Intrusion Warnings automatically alert drivers and workers when a vehicle inadvertently enters a construction zone or work space. This system may be implemented if the truck exit is difficult to identify or when tailgating is associated with high roadway volume.
  • Over Dimension Warnings are used when a minimal clearance condition exists. When a vehicle is over dimension, this system automatically alerts drivers in advance of the alternate route the driver should take. If the driver does not take the alternate route, the warning system directs the driver to stop.


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