pi-Lit ICS Ice Cream Sandwich

pi-Lit® Ice Cream Sandwich – Sequencing Road Surface Flare

Our new smart flare – The Ice Cream Sandwich ! These flares not only warns drivers of activity ahead but also directs traffic away. The sequencing technology keeps workers and users safe by guiding traffic away from areas where personnel are working on the road. The square shape won’t roll into traffic! Automatically adjusts LEDs to horizontal or vertical orientation (when magnetically attached to your tailgate). Another smart product from Pi Variables, Inc. Same low price – LOWER than many NON-sequencing flares!!!! NO TOOLS TO CHANGE BATTERIES ! 4 AA-Alkaline – More operating time than any of the competition.

  • Super bright 360 degree viewing angle
  • 4 inexpensive off-the-shelf AA-Alkaline Batteries
  • No tools to change batteries
  • Battery Status Check with push of a button
  • Rugged and durable Can be driven over, thrown, dropped, etc. won’t break
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