Qwick Kurb Grade Crossing Median


Proclaimed the least expensive safety measure to significantly improve grade crossing safety. QWICK KURB is the only median separator system that has been involved in an FRA sponsored test and proven to reduce motorist drive arounds by over 75%! The combination of formidable markers and raised mountable separator deter drive-arounds and still allow emergency vehicles a way out.

Under the FRA Final Rule on the Use of Locomotive Horns at Highway Rail Grade Crossings, provisions were made for municipalities to establish Quiet Zones corridors – section of track where the train horns were not routinely sounded. In order to qualify a crossing for a Quiet Zone, certain Supplemental Safety Measures (SSM’s) need to be in place. The most economical SMM is raised mountable channelizing devices. Within three hours and without the need for heavy road work, a typical highway-rail grade crossing can be upgraded to qualify for a quiet zone.


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  • Reusable, low maintenance
  • Reboundable
  • Easy to deploy, remove
  • Does not damage road or bridge deck

Technical drawings, product literature and installation manuals can be found at qwickkurb.com

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