RoadQuake 2 Temporary Portable Rumble Strips

  • Temporary:  No fasteners or adhesives are required for installation.
  • Portable:  No installation equipment needed.  A crew of 2 can install an array in minutes.
  • Durable:  3 -5 year life under normal conditions.  Suitable for use in rain and temperatures of 0 degrees to 180 degrees and speeds up to 80 MPH.

RoadQuake is a traffic safety device that alerts drivers to reduce their speed in highway and road construction zones.  At 11 feet long (three 44″ modular sections make one complete strip or the folding option may be chosen).  RoadQuake temporary rumble strips traverse an entire lane.  At 12″ wide and 13/16″ thick, RoadQuake generates a significant audible and vibratory alert.  The non-slip textured surface insures worker safety.  Alert distracted drivers with RoadQuake!

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Rental Package
  • Generates same level of sound & vibration as milled strips.
  • Ideal when space is limited.
  • Easy to lift, carry, and install.
  • 13″ wide x 3/4″ thick.
  • For speed limits of 75 mph or less, and temperatures from 0° to 180° F.
  • 35 lbs.
  • 3 sections make 1 rumble strip 11′ long, when assembled.
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