Self Adhesive Rumble Strips

Self-adhesive rumble strips create a visual, audible, and physical alert to drivers of a change in traffic patterns and draw attention to caution signs or road construction. Rumble strips focus drivers’ attention on the road and surroundings, while a repeating “rumble” sound and physical vibration increases drivers’ awareness.

Rubber-based ATM rumble strips install easily with no special equipment. Specially designed for concrete and asphalt surfaces, rumble strips have a pre-applied adhesive backing that creates a secure bond to the road surface. Quick installation and removal reduces the amount of time workers are exposed to dangerous traffic conditions. Roadways can be opened to traffic immediately after installation.

Available in standard black, yellow, or construction orange.

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Rental Package
  • Generates same level of sound & vibration as milled strips.
  • Ideal when space is limited.
  • Easy to lift, carry, and install.
  • 13″ wide x 3/4″ thick.
  • For speed limits of 75 mph or less, and temperatures from 0° to 180° F.
  • 35 lbs.
  • 3 sections make 1 rumble strip 11′ long, when assembled.
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