Slender Bender Slim Line Marker Post


The Slender Bender from Qwick Kurb combines the durability you have come to expect with a super slim base. This marker is only 9″ wide at the base and stands at 28″ high mainf it ideal for narrow medians and parking facilities where space is at a premium.

The slender Bender Marker can be mounted on the roadway with the L54 Long Base to create more visible pedestrian crosswalks.

Weighing 34 lbs, the long base can be set-up for daily school crossings or permanently bolted to the roadway. This marker offers high target value both day and night. Its narrow 9”
panel design holds an 8” x 28” reflective decal and its single piece construction alleviates torn off sign faces after impacts. The unique Flex Boot rebounds re-rights the marker upon impact.
The unique Flex Boot re-rights the marker during an impact.
Available in Amber or Fluorescent Yellow Green. Custom messages available.



  • Reusable, low maintenance
  • Reboundable
  • Easy to deploy, remove
  • Does not damage road or bridge deck

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