Pedestrian Barricade

The Billboard Barricade is more than just a pedestrian barrier. Whether at zoos, arts festivals, concert venues, or sporting events, these barricades create order in public spaces and serve as an attractive advertising platform. The CC42x96 is made of High Density Polyethylene (HDPE), a superior grade of plastic known for its strength and durability. HDPE is UV-resistant, has high impact and melt strength and resists fracturing. This means our barricades stand up to weather, transport, and crowds. Each barricade weighs 33 pounds and can be ballasted with up to three gallons of water, increasing weight to 58 pounds. Made from blow-molded UV-resistant High Density Polyethylene (HDPE).

42 in H x 96 in L x 2.5 in W
Wall Thickness: 0.125 in

Empty: 33 lb
Full: Apprx 58 lb
*Weight calculation based on 3 standard US gallons of water

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When pinned together, this product is classified as a longitudinal channelizing device (LCD), NOT a positive barrier. Like plastic traffic cones, this device is intended to serve as a visual channelizing device to direct vehicles or pedestrians. This device is NOT designed to keep vehicles from penetrating through. DO NOT use longitudinal channelizing devices in applications where people or fixed objects are intended to be protected from vehicle impacts.