Small Jersey Barricade

Available in two weights, the MB32x72 JSS barricade provides robust dependability for nearly every application. Leveraging the strengths of rotational molding, this barricade has exceptional environmental durability and has been successfully deployed to locations such as northern Alaska and parts of Canada, withstanding severe weather conditions. Ideal for use in low-speed construction zones, temporary or semi-permanent security applications, and for hazard identification, this is the true workhorse of our barricade line. Rotationally molded Linear Low-Density Polyethylene (LLDPE)

32 in H x 72 in L x 24 in W

Empty: 75 lb
Full: Apprx 900 lb

Empty: 100 lb
Full: Apprx 925 lb
*Max recommended water ballast is 100 gallons
*Weight calculation is based on 100 standard US gallons of water

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When pinned together, this product is classified as a longitudinal channelizing device (LCD), NOT a positive barrier. Like plastic traffic cones, this device is intended to serve as a visual channelizing device to direct vehicles or pedestrians. This device is NOT designed to keep vehicles from penetrating through. DO NOT use longitudinal channelizing devices in applications where people or fixed objects are intended to be protected from vehicle impacts.